Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Update

It's been a good weekend... how was yours? On Friday (that's kind of the weekend, right? :-) we had a playdate at the park. Chloe and Super Noah had a great time. Here are some photos:
Yes, it was a "I want to wear my cape and mask" day for Noah. We have those fairly regularly around here, lol.

Tony worked yesterday, but my mom came over and we took the kids to the splash park/pool. After several hours in the sun, we all took a good nap after that!

Today we took the kids to see a movie - "Kung Fu Panda." We've been wanting to take Noah for some time now, but we weren't sure how Chloe would do. We decided to just go for it and take her, so she saw her first movie at 19 months! She actually did really well until about the last 20 minutes (thanks to popcorn!), and then she got a little restless. Nothing a short walk with mommy couldn't fix :-) Anyway, it was a cute movie and a nice family day. Oh, and can you believe that the theater we went to has a built-in daycare/playland where you can leave your kids so you can go see a movie?? Wow, now i've heard of everything!

In scrappy news, I'm still chugging along on my MMM entry. I had completed layout #4 (of 5), but then I decided that I didn't like layout #3, lol. So, I went on to the "I believe" layout, and I am almost done with that. So, now I just need to do one more layout, and i'm done. I'm certainly realistic in my expectations and know my chances are slim, but I'm happy with what i've done so far. So, at least I now have a few more layouts that I love. Well, except for the "I believe" layout which I don't get back, that is a hard one for me to swallow. So, wish me luck that MM publishes it at some point so I can get it back ;-)
I also got a request from Scrapbook Trends the other day for my Hannukah layout for the December issue. So i'm excited about that!

Anyway, Noah is requesting the computer (gotta love having to give up computer time to an almost 4-year old), so i'm outta here. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


maria W said...

sounds like you had a great and fun weekend :) love the photos:)

Meg Giroux said...

I am glad you had a good weekend! Good luck with your entries, I am sure you will rock the scrapping world like you always do :)!!!!
I have total faith in you that you will steal the show!!

doris said...

cute park pics! love your little superhero. and the baby girl chubby legs flippy skirt . . . adorable. :D

happay said...

how unfair that they don't send a LO back. I hope you do well in the contest or at least get a pub out of the LO so you can get it back. the photos are very cute!

Leigh said...

Love the pics from the park. My ds went through a stage where he wanted to wear a cheetah head everywhere we went! LOL!

I made two copies of my "I believe" layout for MMM, so I don't have to worry about them sending it back.

Danielle said...

sounds like a fun weekend!! cute pics!

Lauren said...

those photos!!! I love super noah! he really looks like a super hero! glad you had a fab weekend!