Friday, May 30, 2008

So very Sex In The City!

Ok, so who else is a fan and is totally excited that the show has been made into a movie? I know I am! And, apparantly Luxe is to. To celebrate the opening, they are having giveaways galore! On the Luxe blog (, they are giving away "the Manhattan" featuring the Classic Black line. On Emily's blog (, she's giving away the "the Miranda" which features the Capris line. On Pam's blog (, she's giving away "the Carrie" which features the Cocktail Dress line. On Brandy's blog (, she's giving away "the Charlotte" which features the Trinket line. On Jen's blog (, she's giving away "the Samantha" which features the Stiletto line. Last but not least, on both the Luxe myspace page ( and the Luxe facebook page (, they are giving away one of their "If Carrie & Charlotte got together to crop" shirts. Check out all the fun stuff you can win, and good luck to everyone who enters!

So, speaking of Sex In The City, guess who is going to see it this weekend? Yep, not only is yours truly getting to see it, but I am seeing it away at the beach with 6 of my close girlfriends, while we are away for a "Girl's Weekend." I'm still not quite sure I'll know what to do with myself with no husband and kids, but I have a feeling I'll figure it out very quickly, lol.

Well, I'm heading out for my getaway shortly, so i'll leave you with my latest layout, "Baby Steps".

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little shout out...

I wanted to give a shout out to my next door neighbor Lisa now that I know that she sometimes visits my blog :-) Us Taylor clan seriously hit the jackpot when Lisa and family moved in last year. Not only does Lisa have kids around the same ages as mine (and boy are they chummy!) but her and her hubby Chip are awesome! Case in point - Lisa brought over a vodka/watermelon spritzer for me the other night while I was putting Chloe to bed. When I came downstairs, I had a lovely treat. Neighbors don't get much better then that, lol. The kids adore each other, especially Noah and Savannah who we joke are the lovebirds. Lisa told me that last night Noah was showing off on his scooter for Savannah, calling to her to look at his tricks. She then turned to Lisa and said, "I love him." How cute is that?! I never thought Noah would have his first girlfriend at only 3 1/2 (and with an older, more mature woman who is almost 5, at that!), hehea. So, not only do we spend a lot of time outside playing in the afternoons, but we sometimes go on playdates during the day, too. Here are some pics from our trip to the Airport Park the other day - the playground is right across the street from the airport, so planes are constantly flying right in front of you... very cool! The girls are totally the big sisters that Chloe never had - always helping her and leading her around... so sweet! Oh, and did I mention that Lisa scraps, too? She helps feeds my obsession by taking trips to our LSS with me :-)

And, finally, I have a layout to share that I did last night - finally got to scrap the photos of Noah and Chloe meeting for the first time:

Excuse the wonky 'O' in the photo - I didn't realize it was hanging weird like that until after I snapped the photo :-) Journaling reads: Just like Tony and I did with each of them, Noah and Chloe seemed to fall instantly in love with each other. Suprisingly, Noah had very little adjustment period when Chloe was born, and he's seemed intrigued and excited by her from day one. She, too, has always adored her big brother - no one can make her laugh like he can. Now, 17 months later, they have become each other's favorite playmate. It thrills me to see that they have learned at a very young age how ver special a sibling bond is. I can't wait to see their bond grown even stronger.

PP is MM, SEI and Prima. Letters are KI & Queen and Co. Chipboard is Love Elsie. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long weekends are the best!

Of course, working part-time, I often have long weekends, but this one is extra long :-) We had a great kick-off into the weekend over the last couple of days. We didn't end up going to the zoo on Thursday due to the prediction of rain (which never came, of course), so instead, my girlfriend and I had a playdate at an unexpected place... Ikea! My friend and I wanted to meet somewhere halfway (she's about an hour from me), and there's not a whole lot of kid-friendly activities out that way. I remembered that Noah had a blast in the play places throughout the store last time we went, and sure enough, the playdate was a huge success for all the kids! Who would have thought!?

Yesterday we met up with some friends for another playdate at a Butterfly exhibit. It is in a greenhouse, and there are butterflies all over the place. If you're lucky, they'll even land on you (I wasn't so lucky). We had lots of fun there and then hit up a nearby park, complete with a carousel and train ride.
Today we spent the morning looking for deck furniture for our brand spanking new deck. Tony reminded me that our grill caught on fire last year, so he had his eye on a new grill as well (do all men have a thing for large grills??). The guys still need to come back and do one more inspection, so we're going to go buy the stuff we picked out on Tuesday and then Tony will set it up... can't wait! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rain rain go away!

So, we're supposed to go to the zoo today, but I have a feeling our trip may get rained out. I'm so done with the rain already! The deck guys are outside working away at our deck, as it was supposed to be finished a week ago but the rain got in the way. It will be so nice to have a place in our backyard to relax!

My layout, "So many pacis, so little time" was chosen as Layout of the Week over at A Million Memories (

Thanks so much to Pearl for teaching me how to do a screen capture! It's not easy being computer illiterate, lol...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How did I ever get so lucky?

Dropping off a new LO that I just finished. It didn't take me long to scrap these recent photos of my cuties! They get along so well now - it is the coolest thing to watch! This was LO #4 for my guest DT layouts at Create My Keepsake using the awesome Inque Boutique stamps. I used one of their journaling stamps and then stickled the swirls. Filmstrip was downloaded (for free!) from

Off to bed now... tomorrow is my looong work day! Have a happy hump day tomorrow, everyone!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My husband is a freakin' genius

Well, being that today is our 6th wedding anniversary, I have to say that, don't I? :-) No, but seriously... he is! I was finishing up my third DT layout for Create My Keepsake using the Inque Boutique stamps. I decided that the palm tree rub-on looked too plain, so I filled it in with clear microbeads and covered it with dimensional adhesive (like I did with the wave stamp). Well, this time, I put too much adhesive on, so since it was taking forever to dry, I decided to break out my heat gun. Um... bad idea. The glue ended up drying hard and white instead of clear, and the palm tree was a mess. So, after having botched it up, I started performing surgery on my poor LO, using my scissors to chip off the dried glue. I got much of it off, but the palm tree looked really pathetic at this point. Enter Tony. He suggested I use alcohol inks on top of the palm tree since the microbeads (the ones that were left anyway) would soak it up. Well, it worked! I filled the entire tree up and then used a black marker to trace back over the rub-on since much of it was covered due to my mishap. Ahh, the benefits of being married to an artist who has a good eye.
So, we had a fun date day today! My parents came over to watch the kids (thanks mom and dad!) and we went to see the new Harold and Kumar movie (very funny!). After the movie, we went to Carrabas for dinner, hitting the bar first for a couple strawberry margaritas (yum!). It's always a treat to get some alone time with my hubby, so i'm glad we got to do that. Hard to believe that it's been 6 years already - my, how much our lives have changed! I'll sign off with a picture we took tonight (not a good one, I might add) and a few wedding pics (and one of us boarding our cruise on our honeymoon). Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Check it out!

Girls, you have got to check this out! In celebration of receiving 5 new paper lines in, the ladies at Luxe are giving away one complete collection of each (which includes 2 each of 8 papers and a matching epoxy) over the course of the next several days. The papers are GORGEOUS - you won't want to miss this opportunity! Here are two of the new lines they've shown on the blog so far:
Sundress -

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So many pacis, so little time

I finished another LO last night for my Guest DT stint at Create My Keepsake. Had so much fun using the Inque Boutique stamps on this one! I used one of the journaling stamps to journal on (go figure, lol), and then I used the circle journaling stamp to create a couple of flowers on my page. My little Chloe sure is addicted to her pacis!

We've had a busy week so far filled with Noah's last soccer class, family time and lots of outdoor time! We're in the middle of having a deck built, so the kids had fun pressing their faces up against our sliding glass door to watch the guys work today.

I'm anxiously awaiting my first package from Luxe. Jennifer Lynn Moody at Luxe informed us that they have gotten 5 new paper lines in, as well as lots of other goodies! In addition to all the fabulous Luxe products, Maya Road (whose warehouse is right down the road from Luxe) dropped off some goodies for us to get in our first packages. Whoo, can't wait! (Can you tell i'm excited?)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week - the weekend is almost here! Tony and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday and are going on a date that night (a rarity these days!), so i'm super excited about that!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all the mommies out there have an awesome day!!

Finished one of my Guest DT layout's last night for Create My Keepsake using some awesome Inque Boutique stamps. I heat embossed the journaling stamp with Tim Holtz distress powder, and I used a border stamp to distress my pp strip under the photos.

Journaling reads: There are some days that I see myself as not patient enough, not playful enough, not energetic enough, not kind enough, not smart enough, not fun enough, not pretty enough, not good enough. But this is how you see me (photos taken by Noah at 3).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy weekend!

This is how my morning started off today:
Which is much better, I might add, then the way it ended last night with Chloe pooping in the tub and Noah being cranky!

Stayed up way too late (as always) working on a DT layout for CMK last night - I plan to finish it today.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

When it rains it pours

What a great day today is turning out to be! I just found out that I was chosen as one of the FabFifteen girls on the Luxe Design team! I absolutely love their products, and I am thrilled and honored to have been chosen and to be amongst such great talent! Please check out Luxe's blog here:

These are the LO's I submitted for my Luxe DT application: