Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy (and hot) July!

Ok,so I still haven't been in here as much as I'd like, but i'm working my way up ;-)  I've been scrapping again, and I know I said this last time but man, does it feel good!  There's nothing like getting in touch with your creative side to make a person start to feel whole again.  Had so much fun with this one - used the Heidi Swapp Invisibles paper which I misted pink and then added some handstiching to add some texture to some of the circles.  I cut the star out of cardboard and then covered it with some pretty paper to add even more depth - you all know I like my lumpy pages.  Having lots of fun with details as I always do.  I love these photos I took of the bigs after Chloe's dance recital last month - those two sure can fight, but they also sure do love each other!
So, since my blogging has gone by the wayside lately, clearly my picture posting has as well.  Have to catch you guys up with some recent ones.  Love this one of Lucas hugging my leg.  Can you believe this little guy is going to be TWO next month?
And then here are some of my favorites from Fourth of July.  We celebrated with good friends, and the kids loved the sparklers, of course!
Hope you all are enjoying summer and staying cool - it's been HOT here!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Alrighty, so here I am, trying to resurrect this little ole' blog.
Though I never did use this blog to get too personal or share my innermost thoughts, I have always enjoyed having a place to come and look back at snippets of memories that I decided to share for whatever reason at the time.
And of course, to share my scrappies.

So, I'm gonna try this again.

I wasn't that great at keeping up with it once we added that third little person into our lives, but I'm hoping I can do better.  And if not, that's ok, too... I'm realizing that I can't do it all, which is a liberating yet difficult concept to grasp ahold of.

So, scrapbooking.  Hadn't done it since December.  SIX months!  Wow.  Almost half of 2012 has passed, and I have barely a creative token to show for it.  I lost so much motivation for it after Lucas was born, but last night, when I had all my supplies out, it all came rushing back.  And I remembered why I fell in love with this hobby in the first place.  Like playing the guitar used to do for me (something i'm also trying slowly to pick back up), scrapbooking was a way for me to get lost in something that made me feel a sense of accomplishment.  And with this hobby, I get to express myself creatively and artistically, and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

So, I dusted off my tape runner, and I got to work.  This layout was a really personal one for me.  I can't remember the last time I had hidden journaling (located on that 'note to self' tag behind the photo), but I had things to say that I didn't really want to share with the world ;-)  And this layout reminded me how therapeutic and freeing it can be to get lost in creativity and writing.  And with that... i'm back, and i'm hoping my scrapbook room and I can get reacquainted. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

My top 10

Happy new year, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We celebrated new years at a party at a good friends house - there were 10 adults and 13 kids, and most of us slept over (although I got no sleep, thanks to a baby who doesn't sleep out well ;-)... it was a great time, and a great way to kick off 2012. In keeping with tradition, I wanted to dedicate a post to my favorite projects of 2011. Here we go....

Here's wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012!