Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Princess...

We interrupt this normally scrapbooking related program to bring you some photos of my princess. Shabby Apple is having a contest to find their next Picture Princess. So, I am showcasing three of my favorite photos of my Chloe.

I am also going to tell you why I think Chloe would be the perfect "Picture Princess." Many 2-year-olds are full of spunk, but this little girl defines the word! She is a show-stealer and crowd-pleaser. Chloe loves having an audience. She loves to perform. She loves to pose and model for us. At a young age, her brother taught her a few different poses. On command, she would happily show you her "pretty look", her "coy look", her "excited look", and her "get what she wants from daddy look" (this one was all about batting the eyelashes, heheha). In addition to loving the spotlight, this girl is sweet as can be. She is one of the most affectionate children i've ever encountered, always quick to wrap her arms around my neck and tell me she loves me. She melts hearts where ever she goes, and I truly believe my daughter is beautiful - inside and out.

I don't know if you guys know Shabby Apple, but if you don't, you seriously need to check them out! CUTE stuff! I had a hard time picking a dress that I thought Chloe would look the best in as they are all so so cute, but this is my pick:

Here is a link to the dress - little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby.

Thank you all for indulging me with my ode to my daughter :-)

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! I lived to celebrate yet another year yesterday, and so far i'm thinking that 34 is a pretty good age ;-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

CMK Blog Hop!

It's hard to believe it's already that time again! Time for us to kick-off CMK's April kit with our blog hop! This kit is perfect - seriously! A great combo of patterned papers - Sass Lass, Bo Bunny, Teresa Collins.... Lots of yummy embellishments, too! My reveal layout is all about my man - I don't scrap him enough! (Don't forget you can click on the pics to see them larger)

Since we're on the subject of CMK ;-), I should tell you that we are having a "Spring Fling" Online Crop next Saturday, April 4th. It's going to be an all day extravaganza, kicking off at 8am CST (9am EST). Each hour, a new project challenge will be posted. Here is a sneak of my "Hello Spring" sign that I made for my front door:You can see more sneaks and read more here.
Don't forget to check out the other CMK designers' blogs for more reveal layouts (links to the left).

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, everyone! We're off to the circus in a bit! :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Has it already been a week?

Wow, I feel like I just updated my blog, but I guess not, lol. Crazy how life just seems to be on overdrive sometimes! Anyway, I did this Fancy Pants layout the other night. The pp is mostly from the On a Whimsy line, and the chipboard is from the Daily Grind line. I just love the fun, whimsical feel to these papers!

After uploading it to 2Peas, I had a happy surprise when I saw it was the featured layout yesterday.

This is my last creation using the March kit from CMK. I used the supplies in my kit and the mini-kit add-on to make a wall hanging out of the "Lucky" bingo card. I just love these bingo cards, and I had a lot of fun with this. I keep moving it around in my house, though - still not quite sure where the best spot is for it yet!
Speaking of CMK kits, I got my April kit in the mail yesterday, and wow, is it awesome! Such a fun mix of manufacturers! You can check out a sneak peek here. I also got notice yesterday that a new Fancy Pants box will be shipping to us designers soon. Totally can't wait for that!! I know i'm not the only one that gets excited to get their favorite products in the mail! ;-)

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week, and I hope you all have a great weekend, too! My birthday is on Monday, so we're celebrating on Saturday. We'll be taking the kids to the circus during the day and going out for a hibachi dinner with my fam that night... can't wait!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I guess it's time...

Some of you may remember that I took the plunge and entered the Memory Makers Masters contest last year. Well, one of the layout submissions had to be an original. This was so hard for me. It was difficult knowing that I may not get something back that was near and dear to me. So, i've been holding onto this layout, hoping MM would have a call for something that would work for this, and that they'd accept my layout - long shot, huh, lol? They haven't really had any calls that this would work for (although I think I did send it in for something anyway, hehea), but no luck. Soooo, since it doesn't look like I am getting this layout back, I figured it would make me feel better to at least share it (almost a year later, lol!) :-) Maybe one of these days i'll recreate it!

In other news, this totally made my day yesterday.

Not much else to report. It's been a good week with the normal craziness factor. We got some outside play today, and i'm anxiously awaiting spring weather! Hope everyone else is having a great week, too!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It was a very green wearing weekend!

Happy weekend everyone! Well, i'm happy to say that this past week has been less dramatic then the week before.

Last night, we went to a St. Patty's day party at our next door neighbors' house which was a blast - I love that we are lucky enough to have made such good friends in our neighbors. We had a couple new families come, too, including my friend Heather (so glad you guys were there, heather!). The first two pics were taken on Friday night - Noah loved these hats I picked up from Target (it's a good thing he has no clue what they're supposed to be, lol!). Noah actually took that photo of Tony and me - i'm training the boy well, hehea.

These were all taken last night:

Tony is working today, so the kids and I are just hanging around the house, relaxing and getting fun stuff such as laundry done ;-)

I have a couple of layouts to drop off. This first one was made with CMK's gorgeous March kit. I also used a lot of pp from the March mini-kit add-on on this layout as well. I love when my little guy lets me use him as a model!

This next layout was done for this month's challenge up on the Forward Progress blog. All products are Fancy Pants.

My friend Doris Sander is teaching another class starting on Tuesday. Her last class was a huge success with a great turnout! Please check it out here - she's one super talented lady!!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend with lots of fun times!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, what a week!

This last week has certainly been eventful!! This may be old news to those of you who hang with me on Facebook or at CMK, but on Thursday, Noah and Chloe were chasing each other around on our first floor when Noah slipped on the playdough mat that was on the floor. He fell down, crashing the back of his head into the edge of our wall. He started screaming in pain, and when Tony and I further investigated, his head was gushing blood, and he had a huge gash! We threw the kids in the car and rushed to the ER. Due to the location on his head, they couldn't stitch it, so my poor guy had to get 7 staples! :-( It was such a horrible experience watching him go through that. Today, he was scheduled to go to our pediatrician to get them out and, let's just say it didn't go well! He started freaking out as soon as our dr. tried to take them out, so the doc had to get two nurses to help hold him down. After getting 2 staples out, the blood started gushing again, and he told me that it wasn't healed yet and needed more time! Sooo, we have to go back in a week.

On top of that, Chloe came down sick on Sunday. She definitely seems to be a lot better today, but she still had some periods of lethargy and crankiness. Hopefully the sickness and drama will be on their way out! Especially since we have a busy Saturday coming up - the kids are getting portraits taken that morning with my parents and their cousins, and that night we have a big St. Patty's day bash with our neighbors that we're all really looking forward to :-)

So, this was my little one's yesterday right before dinner - they both crashed on opposite ends of the couch, it was so cute (and I love chloe's little belly hanging out, lol).

I'll leave you with a Fancy Pants LO I did last night. The background pp and the chip letters are from the All Fall line and the circle borders are from the new Delight line. Chloe was really into baby sign language for awhile, and she still remembers a lot of signs.

Thanks for letting me whine, everyone! Please tell me your last week has been less dramatic then mine!! :-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy hump day!

Hey there, everyone! Today was my loong day of work, but i'm home now and catching up on my blogging and my American Idol (good combo, huh? :-) I'm dropping off some recent layouts. I bought a Valentine's Day placemat at Target with the plan to cut into it and use it on a layout, so I had fun doing that with this one (the tree, bird and butterflies are from it). Ahh, hard to believe my little Chloe was that tiny - I think she was just about 10 days old here.

This layout was made using the GORGEOUS (seriously gorgeous, I might add!) March kit from CMK. I did this for today's blog post at CMK - it was my turn to do our weekly Wednesday Words challenge, so my challenge was to create a layout about a family tradition. One of my favorite traditions that we have is making chocolate chip waffles every Sunday. It's a simple tradition, but a yummy and enjoyable one ;-)

So, what did you all think about the ending on the Bachelor?? I know i'm not the only one who watched! ;-) Hope everyone is having a great week!