Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long weekends are the best!

Of course, working part-time, I often have long weekends, but this one is extra long :-) We had a great kick-off into the weekend over the last couple of days. We didn't end up going to the zoo on Thursday due to the prediction of rain (which never came, of course), so instead, my girlfriend and I had a playdate at an unexpected place... Ikea! My friend and I wanted to meet somewhere halfway (she's about an hour from me), and there's not a whole lot of kid-friendly activities out that way. I remembered that Noah had a blast in the play places throughout the store last time we went, and sure enough, the playdate was a huge success for all the kids! Who would have thought!?

Yesterday we met up with some friends for another playdate at a Butterfly exhibit. It is in a greenhouse, and there are butterflies all over the place. If you're lucky, they'll even land on you (I wasn't so lucky). We had lots of fun there and then hit up a nearby park, complete with a carousel and train ride.
Today we spent the morning looking for deck furniture for our brand spanking new deck. Tony reminded me that our grill caught on fire last year, so he had his eye on a new grill as well (do all men have a thing for large grills??). The guys still need to come back and do one more inspection, so we're going to go buy the stuff we picked out on Tuesday and then Tony will set it up... can't wait! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!


Aida Haron said...

Hey Staci, GREAT photos of your kids !! Yep Ikea playrooms would feature prominently on any mom's list, the one in Singapore has a Rocket slide and ball room ! When our girls exceeded the height limit, they were SO sad, seemed like the end of childhood for them *LOL* It's the school holidays here in Singapore, am so looking to easy days and getting up late !!!

Hope your week ahead is fun !! Aida

dannisdoodles said...

OMGosh these pics are adorable, what a fun time. Hope all your purchases for the deck aren't "grilling" giggle. What a fun weekend, sorry you missed the zoo but sounds like you made up for it, big time!

Danielle said...

Those photos are completely adorable!!! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Raechelle said...

What a fun exhibit! It looks like a wonderful day!
Have fun shopping! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Staci, It looks like you had such a fun weekend. I love the pix of you and your children.

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.

Charlotte Cramer said...

AWWW!! Your babies are precious!!! That butterfly is gorgeous!!! Hope you had a good weekend!!

Diana said...

How CUTE and PRECIOUS are my grandchildren, JUST WAY TOO CUTE!

Mom and "MIMI"