Thursday, May 8, 2008

You are an everything dad

This is a LO I made about Tony - he's such an amazing dad!

Journaling reads: Let’s face it… not all dads were meant to be dads. You, on the other hand, were born to be a daddy. You love kids, even those who aren’t your own. You worked at a daycare center for years and already came to fatherhood with tons of experience in changing diapers, cleaning snotty noses and wiping away tears. Our children adore you. You are the dad who gets down on the floor and plays with them. You tickle them and make them laugh until their sides hurt. You read to them. You go into their fantasy worlds with them. You feed them, you change them, you put them to sleep. You aren’t afraid to show your emotions and constantly tell them how much they are loved. You are the hands-on dad who isn’t afraid to parent. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for them. You are the dad who does it all… you are an everything dad.


ania said...

That layout totally rocks!! Just thought I'd drop by and say hi :) Looking forward to do Luxe stuff with you :)

Aida Haron said...

Hey Staci !!! Congratulations to you too !! Here's looking forward to working with and knowing you better !

When I did not get any confirmation on my submission I honestly thought I'd lost my chance *LOL*


jonesy said...

Wow Staci!

Awsome layout! I love the cut out words...but more to the point I love that the layout really captures Tony as the everything Dad!

See ya round the crop table!