Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh what a night...

So, my baby turned 4 yesterday! Happy happy birthday to my dear, sweet Noah! We had a great day - he had school in the morning, and I was the co-op mom, so I got to be there with him. We got to have cupcakes and his friends sang to him. After school we had lunch and a playdate with Kaylee next door and then after naptime, we played outside until it was time to go out to dinner. We went to Red Robin, noah's favorite restaurant, and we were having a great time until the end, when Chloe all of a sudden threw up. All over herself, and all over me. Oh yes... fun times :-)

We got out of there as quickly as we could and got ourselves home so that Tony could bathe her and I could shower myself off! We got her to bed and then opened presents with Noah. Poor chloe ended up getting sick three more times throughout the night! Thankfully, although she does have a fever today, she hasn't gotten sick since the middle of the night, so i'm hoping it is a 24 hour bug that's on it's way out. I'm really hoping and praying that whatever she has stays far away from Noah, as his party is on Sunday. So, his 4th birthday is definitely one we will remember!!

This has been a great scrappy mail week for me. On Wednesday, I got my Fancy Pants box, and WOW, is it amazing!! I have seriously loved their products since I bought my first chipboard big board box a couple of years ago, and I am seriously SO excited to get started designing for them! Getting the box made it seem more real. The box was jam packed with all of their newest collections - lots and lots of FP chipboard, rub-ons, glitter cuts, transparencies, buttons, embellishment boxes, transparent mini album set, chipboard mini albums sets, paper, etc. A big THANK YOU to FP!!

I also got my Scrapbook Trends box - there is some yummy stuff in there, and it felt really good to get my layout back... it's nervewracking having my layouts away in someone else's care!

Before I sign off, I wanted to share some pics of my 4 year old -

I told Noah he could have whatever he wanted for breakfast - I told him i'd make him waffles, pancakes, eggs, etc., but no, he wanted Lucky Charms since I don't normally let him have sugar cereals, lol! Here he is happy with his cereal, showing me how old he is:

Dinner out (before it got interesting, lol):
Opening up presents when we got home:And I couldn't post pics without sharing some of my little girl, too! Here are a couple of Chloe before we left for the restaurant (when she was still feeling ok!):I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend!!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!
I am sorry to hear about Miss C Poor thing and poor momma..

What a fun and fancy box of goodies. I can't wait to see what you create.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Looks like he had a good day considering all things. I hope your DD feels better soon!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! Aww, poor Chloe. I hope she feels better today and I hope that no one else gets sick. :(

Enjoy all your FP goodies! I'm so jealous. :)

Julie B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! Can you believe our babies are now FOUR? where did the time go?

Sorry I have been MIA lately! Managing the girls and classes has been time-consuming, to say the least! But we miss you guys,and I want to come see you soon! I will hopefully get an email out to you this week so we can-hopefully, come up with a date that works for both of us!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday Lil Man .. and girl yikes..I bet that shower felt good (snickering) .. lovin the FP goodies you got in .. me so jealous of ya stuffy .. lol ..

Brenda Hurd said...

Happy Birthday to Noah!! So glad you got your FP box! Have fun playing!

ania said...

Happy birthday Noah! And yumminess!! :D

Alexandra said...

Sounds like a memorable birthday but I am sure Noah had a ball!! I sure hope Chloe feels better!

Love your new goodies, can't wait to see what you do with them! 8STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Meg Giroux said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!!
Poor Chloe and poor Staci!!! I hope she is better soon!!!
Staci...oh my I am so jealous of your goodie box...holy cow...awesome stuff!! You deserve it, you are sooooo uber talented!!!
congrats...I am so proud of you when I tell all my scrapping girls that my friend Staci is on the Fancy Pants design team....

Pearl said...

Happy Birthday to Noah !

He really looks like a little man ! so matured for his age !

Hope Chloe is all better now !

What an awesome box of goodies frm FP ! too cool !

the chipboard box alone costs way too much here ! alas no FP anything frm CHA Summer for me this time ! stash diet ! lol

Laurie said...

happy late birthday, future son in law!!!!!! i hope everyone's feeling healthy now!

tagged you in my blog. heheh!

Lucy Edson said...

Aww...Happy Birthday to Noah!! :)

That box of FP goodies looked amazing!! I know you will do great things with it! That must have been so exciting! Hope you all are well. :)

Charlotte Cramer said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!!! I am so glad he had fun!! Poor baby girl!!! I know the feeling!!! I can handle any kind of sickness but the throwing up thing makes me so nervous!!!! Urgh!!!

Can't wait to see what you create and design with all of you goodies!!!

Danielle said...

aww, Happy Birthday Noah!!! Looks like a fun birthday!! I hope your little one is feeling better soon!

Leslie Ashe said...

Awww!!! Hope Noah had the BEST b-day!!! He looks like he did in his cute pics!
I hope your sweet Chloe is feeling better! POOR thing! Poor YOU! EEk!

and hello - did you NOT get the motherload of FP! GOSH! Lucky!! Have fun girl - you deserve all that happiness!!!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog - I just adore YOU! :)
Have a happy day Staci!!

Leslie Ashe said...

HIII again!! GUESS who?
LOL!!! You seriously need to send me your email address!

Thank you AGAIN for making my day today!! :) HUGS to you!!!

CHA Winter - Not sure yet...Gosh I haven't been to that since 2006! LOL!

(are you trying to tell me something? My word verification ended in fu...LOL!)

Lana said...

Thank you thank you Stacey! We totally appreciate it the feature and I especially appreciate your comment!!

Kelli said...

Always happy to meet another Sox fan - no matter what part of the country they live in! (That's part of what makes Red Sox Nation so great!)

The town is abuzz here for tomorrow night...let's go Sox!

Julie O. said...

What a cutie!!! Looks like he's havin' a fun birthday!!

Lori, that is some SERIOUS FP!! I bet that got your mojo kicked into HIGH gear! LOL!

In regards to your comment...sure! Add me! I've got you linked up too.;)

Julie O. said...

OH MY!! STACI!!!! OOOPS!!! I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning!!! Sorry about that!

btw...that hooded jacket and layout (below!) is so wintery and fun!!! Makes me want the snow!