Thursday, November 12, 2009

A time for giving...

I have a really cool opportunity to tell you guys about if you're a crafter who is in the giving mood, but first I want to share a new Fancy Pants layout I just completed. I so love this Rough & Tough line, and as soon as I saw the dark cloud/lightening bolt paper and glitter cut, I knew I wanted to use them for these photos of the kids jumping in puddles after a rainstorm. They were SO excited when I told them to come on out and splash around - we created such fun memories that day!
Now, onto the giving part. My friend Michelle, who also happens to be the owner of AMM, has a daughter with Leukemia. Michelle is organizing a scrapbook drive for anyone who wants to get rid of some old scrappy supplies sitting around that are not getting used. I contributed last year, and it made me feel so good to know that I was helping bring smiles to the faces of these kids. Here is what Michelle said on the thread at AMM:

When my daughter Chloe was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She spent several months in the hospital when she first began chemotherapy. For several weeks during this time in the beginning, she was unable to walk, she would hardly talk and was basically a little zombie. The ONLY THING that brought her any sense of joy at this period in her life, was doing craft projects. She was sometimes unable to leave her room and the social workers and play room attendants would bring projects to her room for her to work on. It was a really dark place in her life (and ours), but doing little art projects gave her a purpose every day.

I'm telling you all of this because doing arts and crafts means a lot to children who are stuck in the hospital ~ especially during the holiday season when they cannot be home with their families. What I would like to do is do a scrapbook drive (same as last year, if you were involved in that), where what you do is basically clean out your scraproom and throw into a box the items that you know that you will not use. We are just donating this stuff to kids, so they don't mind the old Jolees and Suzy's Zoo stickers or the ancient Debbie Mumm papers that you never threw away. THEY actually appreciate them. LOL. So, if you would like to participate, please box up your stuff and send it to us.

Chloe is scheduled for her next hospital procedure in early - mid December (probably about 12/7). When we go in, I would like for her to be able to take the donations with her.

Thanks so much! If you do this, believe that you are doing something special for a sick child that will truly appreciate it!!!

If you are interested in donating, please click on the link for more info or you can e-mail me at stacimtaylor at gmail dot com, and I can give you the address info. where the donations can be sent.

Thanks for reading through all that, and I hope everyone is having a great week! I'm anxious for the rain to go away on my end!!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Staci....what an awesome much wonderful detail and textures and the title...just perfect!!! Thanks for passing this information along...I would love to donate...give me a shout at!!! Wishing you a great day!!! :-)

Lisa Howard said...

Hey Girl! Boy have I missed you! I'm doing something I had hoped I would never do...not finding time to visit my blog pals. I've just gotten so freakin' busy. But it is all good so I'm not complaining.

Your layout is AWE-some! I'm sure your kids more than loved you with all their hearts that day. :-) A mom who lets them splash in the puddles...coolest mom ever! hahaha

I would love to participate in the scrapbook drive. I have so many things I could donate. The problem is I packed them away for just such an occasion and I'm not sure where they are. 8-) So not like me to do that but I'm hoping to lay hands on them rather quickly. Thanks for passing the info on to us. Such a good cause.

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! xoxo L

Tessa said...

beautiful layout!!

Chrispea said...

First, that layout is just gorgeous, and now I gotta have that paper! Second, what a wonderful thing to donate our extra scrap supplies to kids. I'm going to check out her blog and see what I need to do. Thanks!!

Andrea Amu said...

Another awesome page... love the title!

I wish I had known about Michelle's scrapbook supply drive earlier. I had a yard sale in October and got rid of all my purged stuff :( I'll remember this for next time though!

Karmele said...

Love the photos for this paper!!Your new layout is perfect!!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Awesome lo Staci!!! You know how to rock FP!

So sorry to hear about your daughter's friend. I hope that drive will collect alot of stuff!

Jesi said...

I love that LO! totally awesome.

I can't even say a word for your friend. I just hope her little girl gets the cure she needs. No child should go through that. I cannot donate being in Argentina but send her hugs from here.

Lucy Edson said...

Those will be some of Noah and Chloe's best memories!! So fun and love your gorgeous details!! You make the FP shine!!

I know I was moved by Michelle's post - this is a wonderful cause.

Peggy said...

Beautiful LO Staci, I really like how that one pic seems to float over the others, and the papers you used are soooo perfect!
I wish I could donate, this is such a meaningful cause. I don't have that much supplies though :-( Maybe in a few years time, I'm sure I'll have plenty then :-)
xxx Peggy

Pearl said...

Somehow over here we just dont jump into rain puddles ! lol ! it's a lark to see your kiddos enjoy themselves here !

great layout with the FP as always !

Audrey Pettit said...

Love your page, Staci! Such a cute design and use of that fun product. Love the action shot of the jump with the splashes you added. Super, super cute stuff!
And thanks for posting your thread about the donations. I think I'm going to be looking through my stuff.

KateB said...

Hey girl-you know my room is in need of cleanup-all the time-I definitely have stuff...can you email me the addy via facebook or via my blog??? I've got some other stuff to mail on Saturday, so if you get me the addy, I'll mail it then.