Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed in....

It's been a crazy couple of days! We got our second blizzard this winter, and our grand total of snow from Friday through yesterday afternoon was 32 or 33 inches! Our street has not been plowed yet, so we can't exactly go anywhere. We did take the kids out to run around in the snow today, and they had a blast, of course. Schools are closed tomorrow, and I have a feeling they'll be closed all week or at least close to it. No work for me tomorrow!

Here's Tony shoveling while it was still snowing yesterday. After he was done, we still got probably another half a foot.

Noah sliding down the snow hill in our front yard - that is where our sidewalk normally is lol. We'll only be getting in and out of the house through the garage these days!

I wanted to tell you guys about an awesome Banner Bonanza contest going on at AMM right now! The winner of the contest will win this AWESOME prize package, chock full of newly released CHA goodies:
To find out what you need to do to win this prize package, visit this AMM contest thread. I got my AMM February kit the other day, and it is an amazing kit!
It also happens to have a chipboard banner set in the kit if you want to use that for the contest. You can check out the kit here if you're interested.

I hope to have my Feb. kit projects to share soon. Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling too well lately, which is slowing me down, but look for my projects here soon :-)

Hope you guys are all warm where ever you are!


Jocelyn said...

Oh those pics look familiar!!! Looks like the children had a great time....We too are digging and digging.. and more to come this week!!! YUCK!!!

Love that kit and the chipboard banners are awesome!!!!

Wishing you a great week and hoping that you are feeling better!!! Stay warm!!! :-)

Pearl said...

o my ! that's a tonne of snow in my books ! ack ! great to see you guys enjoying it too ! ;)

what a fun contest is that ! A Banner Bonanza ! ;)

Tara Powell said...

Holy Cannoli, that is a TON of snow! I think I would be in heaven.
Everyone here in Missouri thought it was armageddon when we got about a foot last month...sissies.
Stay warm!

Denise said...

Oh WOW!!! That is a pile of snow!!! I bet the kids love it though!!! Great Pics!!!

Peggy said...

omg, I just came over from Jocelyn's blog and it looks like you two are in the same situation! I simply can't imagine having that much snow, we never have that here in Belgium! My kids wouldn't mind it though, especially if it meant playing outside and having no school!

I was wondering, can anyone just join AMM and enter their challenges, or do you have to use products from their kits?

xxx Peggy

sarah said...

talk about tons of snow. yikes!!! well, hope you are getting a lot of scrappin' done in that weather!

stay warm!


Anonymous said...

oh my...i sooooo want to play in all that I'm sitting here sweating my little butt off I'm not quite sure I comprehend how cold it is though ;) Have a great week, Tatum xx

Andrea Amu said...

Feel better soon, girl!
I certainly do not envy you with the snow situation! I can only say that I am so glad that the part of PA I'm in didn't get all that! :D
But... there's more on the way too :(

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

wowzers - that's a lot of snow! but looks like your babies are havin some fun - too cute!! gonna check out the buzz those goodies look so delish! have a great day! smiles, m-

Stacey Michaud said...

fun times in the snow! I am hoping you feel better soon...I miss your work!

Trisha said...

Wow that's a lot of snow!