Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick of my photos yet??

I feel like i've been in photo overload on this blog lately (perhaps because I have been? lol). We had another little photo shoot this weekend - I crocheted a Sock Monkey hat for the little guy, and I just had to get some pics of him in it! The bigs wanted in too, of course!

Before I get to those, here is a painter's tray I made with Webster's Pages products. I've been hoarding that gorgeous big flower paper for soooo long, and when I saw this painter's tray, I just knew it would be perfect for this! I am really happy with how it turned out - I have it hanging in my entry way :-)
And now, drumroll.... on to the pics ;-)
Chloe decided she had to try on the sock monkey hat, too, and Noah thought it would be a good idea to bite her shoulder. Those two are wacked out, I tell ya lol.

This one cracks me up - can't you just see Lucas thinking, "Mommy!!! Get these two to stop hugging and kissing me already!" Hee.

Today was a snow day here. Pardon me, it was actually an ice day. We had freezing rain last night which made the roads really slick, so no school for Noah. We kept ourselves busy by finally breaking out his science experiment kit, doing crafts, watching a movie, and hitting up target. I think i'm ready for bed now ;-)

So, the kids started asking me a ton of questions yesterday about how Lucas got in my belly. Eek! You'd think I would have been prepared for this, but no, they totally caught me off guard lol. Luckily, they were satisfied with me discussing the whole egg/seed thing, but i'm sure the next questions will dig deeper hehea. I'd love to hear any input on how you all explained this um, delicate subject matter!

Well, friends, time for me to go relax since all three kids are finally asleep. Happy almost-hump day, everyone!


Kim Sonksen said...

Nope, I can never get enough of your pictures :))))
LOVE the ones of Lucas with the hat - he looks so comfy:)

And the painter's tray is stunning!

Jocelyn said...

I agree....never sick of your photos!!!! I adore them!!!!

That sock monkey hat is sooooo cute!!!

The painters tray is PERFECT!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Have a great one!!!

Amy Coose said...

Yep, I'd never get sick of pics of your adorable babes. Love the painters tray. Amazing work, my friend!

Jessica said...

and i thought his last hat was the cutest...oh this one is soooooo adorable...lol..i love love it! i love the pics of the kids...they are the best! keep on a posting them...cuz we love em!

Staci said...

They are too cute!

Pearl said...

oh my ! Lucas looks such a little ole man ! such a cute hat too !!!!!!

great great pics!

ellen s. said...

so dang cuuute! never ever too many :):):):)

hey...i will keep you posted on that weekend in march...it's coming up so quickly!

Colleen said...

they so cute specially your baby ahh.

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jonaks said...

I really loved that art tray. lovely photos!