Saturday, February 8, 2014

A tribute to the Beatles...

So everyone knows the song "All you need is love" by the Beatles, right?  Like with most holidays, the kids anticipation and excitement of Valentine's Day definitely rubs off, so I took inspiration from the Fab Four to make a home décor piece.

I made a collage out of layered pieces of Fancy Pants' Trendsetter line (love those colors!!), and I added some die-cuts, tissue paper and other bits and pieces on top of the paper.  I covered it all in mod podge to give it a shiny glaze (and hold it all in place), and then I outlined the heart with chevron paper straws. I made the phrase out of Heidi Swapp's new clear letters and an easy and cute home décor canvas was born :) 

And since I'm on home décor, here's a little Thanksgiving banner I made (yes, I realize Thanksgiving was now months ago... shhh, don't tell!):

I love being able to hang things in the house that I've made myself... such a fun way to add a bit of my own personality into a holiday celebration or "just because" for that matter!


Andrea Amu said...

This is adorbs!
I love that you outlined the heart with the chevron straws... too cute! Glad to see you posting to your bloggy again! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

I absolutely LOVE handmade seasonal decor pieces! Cute, cute, cute!!

Sarah Elisa said...

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