Sunday, April 27, 2008

One day closer to Monday...

What a weekend! We had a fun, action-packed couple of days, and now i'm ready to catch up on some sleep (which, of course, won't happen, lol). Yesterday, the kids and I met up with my SIL and niece and nephew to go to Maryland Day at my alma mater, U. of Md. It's a family day event with tons of kids activities - we hit up all the inflatable stuff and a really cool bug exhibit. And, of course, the kids had way more sugar then they needed!

Then today we took Noah to see the Backyardigans at the Hippodrome in Baltimore. What a beautiful theatre! My mom watched Chloe so we could spend a day just the 3 of us, and he really enjoyed it (as did we).

So, I feel like i've really got my groove on lately with scrapping, getting lots of LO's done. I've decided to start trying out for design teams, so I can't post some of them here just yet. My New Year's goal was to get published, and now that I've accomplished that (well, I guess I haven't technically accomplished it yet as the magazine hasn't come out yet!), I want to continue going in that direction as well as try for a design team. I decided this is the year to try to "step it up". :-) I will post a LO I just finished, inspired by the upcoming Mother's Day.


jo~ said...

Staci - you are so very talented! What a beautiful layout of you and your Mom!
Also loved the photos of you and the family. The one photo of you, Noah & Chloe on the slide looks very familiar! Great Shot of the three of you!
As for your scrap room ... nice! It's no wonder you are turning out such amazing layouts! Speaking of... that autograph party I mentioned ... :-)
Best to you Always,

Diana said...

Of course being your mom, I am somewhat prejudice, but with that being said, you are so passionate about your scrapbooking. You put your heart, soul, love and creativity into every layout you do. Without saying, I love the one you did of us, it is very special to me!

I also love reading about my grandchildren, so I look forward to your updates on this blog..