Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where did my baby go??

Boy, it feels like just yesterday that I was bringing this kiddo home from the hospital. It's hard to believe that he's now a little boy. In one month, he will be 4. Ack, it really goes too fast!! Anyway, his first day of preschool went great!! He was excited to go, and he had absolutely no problems at all when I dropped him off and left. It was a shortened day today, so he was only there for an hour, but they seemed to really pack in a lot in that short time. He told me that he painted a picture, his teacher helped him write his name, he had circle time and read a book, and he played outside. He made sure to point out, though, that they didn't get a snack (since it was a shortened day... snack starts next week)... that is so my kid!! It's all about the food :-) Lisa next door took a bunch of pics of Noah and me in front of our house, and then I got a few others. Now if I could only get him to stop making "scary faces" while he's getting his picture taken!!
With his friends Kendall and Savanna (there's that scary face again)- they leave for Kindergarten at the same time that we leave for preschool (both the elem. school and the preschool are in walking distance):

Walking to school (with his new Batman backpack that looks as big as he is, lol):

In front of the school:

And, last but not least, Noah's classroom:

I don't know if I've mentioned before that his preschool is a co-op, so it will be a lot of work for me. I'm a little overwhelmed by all of my responsibilities, but i'm really excited! I think it will be fun, and I think it will be a good bonding opportunity for both of us. I will be co-oping in the classroom about once a month, i'm in charge of planning and attending all of the fieldtrips, I am a teacher's aide (need to help with prep work for projects), I/we have to do one housekeeping/cleaning day during the school year, and I have to attend all of the general meetings (every other month). Wish me luck ;-)

I'm signing off with another layout I made from my Jenni Bowlin kit. Gorgeous, gorgeous, stuff in that kit!!

Journaling reads: Two years have now passed since these photos were taken, and now when I push you on the swings you ask if I can push you so high that you will reach the sky. When it comes to your dreams, Noah, always aim high, because with a lot of passion and determination, you can reach the sky.

Oh, and I got a big 'ole package from Luxe yesterday and wowee was it awesome!! Thank you SO much Luxe, and a big thank you to 3L who sponsored us this month - I got enough adhesive for an army to scrap with! Such a great mail day!

Happy almost weekend everyone!

p.s. My dining room furniture was delivered today... whoo, I feel like such an adult now :-)


Aida Haron said...

OMGosh, Noah and his pals are so A_D_O_R_A_B_L_E !!!! I really miss our girls at that age, being labeled cute is not funny to them once they hit ten years !!!

Huh ??? Did I read *Adhesives*, enough for an army ??? Is THAT's what in the pack ??? I'm constantly running out of them ...... wow...

Brenda Hurd said...

what a cutie - his face cracks me up! Love your layout too!

Renee Lamb said...

look how cute little Noah is...scary face and all...those pics of y'all are great. They do grow fast..sniff..but yay for a good first day. The co-op sounds fun and hope you have loads of fun doing that! and totally loving the layout! beautiful work as usual girl! have a good weekend!

Laurie said...

he's even more handsome now than when he was born, and he was a CUUUUTE baby. sniff... they're getting so big!

Debbie :-) said...

My what a handsome boy you have there! I so enjoyed this age with my children!!
I love your layout, it's absolutely stunning!!!
Congrats on all your achievements!!
Thanks for all the get well wishes. You are so very sweet!!My recovery is going slower than excepted, but I hope to be dancing by Christmas!

Meg Giroux said...

Noah is so big! Love these pics of you two Staci! They grow so quick don't they??!!

What a gorgeous layout you made...and such a lucky girl with all those goodies coming in the mail! Enjoy!

Julie O. said...

What sweet, sweet, sweet photos!!! I wish I had of got some with me and the kids instead of just the kids. What a great idea!

LOVE your layout! It's FABULOUS!

Anabelle said...

Love the pictures of Noah! Ryan always makes scary faces, too. I found that if I tell him to laugh, I get good shots. You'll love being a part of his preschool. And what an amaaaaazing layout!

Pearl said...

sounds terrific - Noah's first day ! He looks so BIG carrying that Batman bag at their age already ! Hope you will enjoy the co-op thing !

What a fab fab JB layout ! Love the journaling too !

doris said...

awwwwwwwww . . . happy first day!!! lol abt the monster face . . . he's adorable. beautiful layout! :D

Andrea Amu said...

What a cute lil' monster though!
He's so darling, Staci!

Love the page here... beautiful journaling :)

Jen said...

I ADORE his scary face! He is absolutlely adorable! Love all the great pics Staci!

I love your Jenni Bowlin page. Incredible as usual girl.

Have fun with all your new goodies!

Wendy Smith said... sute are those pics

love you use of the microbeads too in the LO...well done

Pearl said...

Hi Staci !

Happy Sunday !

I've given you a BFF award - check it out when you have time ! It's a simple one !

Alexandra said...

OMG - they are too adorable, and I just love Noah's facial expressions, it shows his personality!!! Your layout is fabulous as usual Staci, how gorgeous, girl! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

ellen said...

how cute are those pics. i love the backpack pic, we do one of those every year. the backpack is sooo important, lol.

good luck with the co-op! sounds like it will be rewarding.

Jen Sue Wild said...

AWWWE how cute dose he look!!!

Pearl said...

Hey Staci

thanks so much for your lovely comments on my recent minis ! lol - you're always too kind !

The extra large pink brads for the ribbon closure are Heidi Swapp -which I got them last year probably ( & probably only used one until now ! ) . I love the pink With the black . & I love how making minis is helping me use up the stash - except that I need a load of tape runners ! .

Charlotte Cramer said...

I can't believe I missed these photos!!! How adorable you guys are!!!!!!