Friday, June 4, 2010

AMM June kit and a photo update

Ok, you seriously do not want to miss out on AMM's gorgeous June kit! I loved it from the picture, but when I opened the box of goodies today, I was totally blown away! I love everything about this kit - great mix of manufacturers and goodies! I've already started to dig in :-) If you're interested, you can get one here.

Ok, I know my poor neglected blog is way behind on photos, so here goes...

Preschool graduation day - the kids sang a song to their parents about how much they loved us, and they brought us a rose... so sweet!
This photo cracks me up every.single.time.! This just screams preschool to me - after they got their diplomas, this was the first thing they did with them, LOL!
My handsome little man.
Chloe was showing Noah how proud of him she was ;-)
And, of course, little miss thang had to get in on the action.
Yep, silly bandz have hit the Taylor home!!
So, it's way hot here already, and being that i'm way big (and uncomfortable) already, we bought one of those cheesy inflatable backyard pools the other day. And it's even big enough for me to lay in it heheha. Chloe decided to dive in before we added water ;-) And yes, that is a bathing suit (Tony asked why I got her dressed in her leotard to go swimming...)!
The next day, after the water was added...
Well, friends, I will be back soon with some scrappies to share. Happy Friday!!


Juliana said...

what cute photos! I love the one of them playing with their diplomas!!!

doris said...

HA! g's pk class did that w the diplomas too!

Christie said...

Oh, your kids are adorable! What fun photos!