Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My blind date...

So, my dear friend Doris set me up with Cheryl. Doris knew that Cheryl moved somewhere to the DC area within the last year, also "in between DC and Baltimore." Well, as these "small world" things go, it turns out that Cheryl lives in the very same town as me! And only about 5 minutes away lol!

So, after e-mailing for several weeks, Cheryl and I had our first date lol. I knew the second I saw her carrying the very same pink water bottle that I have, that we'd hit it off lol. We went to Hampden, which is a little section of Baltimore city full of antique stores, cafes, novelty shops, etc. and known for it's quirky and kitsch factor. We had a blast! Of course, we were there for almost 5 hours and didn't get very far into Hampden due to a long lunch, browsing at a select number of stores for a long time, and a 1, 3, and 5 year old slowing us down (but mainly the whiney, defiant 3 year old who I get to call mine! ;-)

Cheryl takes awesome photos, and she got way more than me, but here are some of my favs...

Cheryl hanging with one of the locals:
Cheryl's little guy London, who is so stinkin' cute!
The aforementioned whiney 3 year old ;-) with London (sorry about the wonky color, I tried fixing it, but to no avail!):
Ice cream - always the best part!

Cheryl in front of the cool store window at a cool store we stayed at for awhile:
LB wearing Noah's hat :-)
I love this one! The boys got along famously...
So sweet!
We take a lot of these types of photos in our house, and it was cool to catch it from a different persective ;-)
Ok, ok, so the mustache is upside down, but you get the point, lol!
It's been real... see you all later!
Speaking of Cheryl, she and a bunch of other awesome scrappy designers recently started an online art magazine, full of awesome inspiration and articles every single day. I love it, and I highly reccommend you check it out here.

So, a big thank you to Doris for playing matchmaker. And now, speaking of Doris, I have to emphasize the fact that I blogged about mine and Cheryl's date very quickly. Can you believe my dear friend doubted my ability to recap our day in a timely manner?! Such lack of faith, I tell you.... ;-)


cheryl said...

so so much fun!! i need to get your my photos when you come friday! actually, if you have portable USB plug you should bring it!
thank you thank you for the fun date!!! so much fun! although...i want to know where noah got that AMAZING mustache! where was i when this happened? i want one! i've been considering growing one for years...
thanks for the shout-out about the blog! :) :) :)

Amy Coose said...

What cute pics!!! Love that you guys got to meet, but have to admit I'm a little jealous. ;) This summer for SURE we are getting together!

Jocelyn said...

Oh it looks like a Fabulous Day!!!! Love all the pics...and now I am jealous....we need to get together for a lunch date...I can even bring along a well behaved 7 years old and a screaming crazy 2 year old!!! What do you think?

I love Hampden and all the awesome shops there!!!

Have a great one!!

Lucy Edson said...

Meeting new scrappy friends is the best!! I love Cheryl's work and it looks like you all had so much fun!

Wish we were close enough for a 'date'. :(

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh that looks like fun!