Saturday, June 21, 2008

The difference between mothers and fathers

So, Noah has been potty trained for over a year now, however, he still has worn pull-ups at night due to the occasional overnight accident. Until a week ago, anyway, when he decided that he didn't need them anymore and would be fine in his undies. Well, he has done great this week... until last night. We were woken at 4am to him crying, so Tony went into his room to see what was wrong. A second later, Chloe started crying as she was woken by her brother. So, I went into her room. We both collapse into our bed about 10 minutes later, and I asked Tony if Noah had peed in his bed. He said yes, so I asked, "You changed the sheets, right?" His response: "Well, it wasn't that much pee, barely any... So I just put a towel down on the bed. He'll be fine." Um, ok. Apparantly that is a man's way of thinking for you. So, guess who changed Noah's sheets first thing this morning?

I did the coolest thing last night - I got to go into a chat room with Karen Russell! Michelle, the owner of A Million Memories, arranged for the chat, and it was so much fun! I got there late, unfortunately since Noah took forever to go to bed, but it was really cool. She was so sweet and cool and gave us lots of photography tips. I totally want to take one of her photography classes now ( Anyway, thanks again to Michelle at AMM for setting that up - it was way cool!

I also managed to start and finish a layout last night (I'm getting faster, whoo! lol) about my little man. These photos were taken last October, so he had just turned 3 then. Love these shots!

I had fun playing with new Chatterbox paper and embellies, as well as a new Fancy Pants transparency. And I pulled out this Jenni Bowlin pp which I have been dying to use. Journaling reads: Playing outside is one of your favorite things to do, especially since you have so many friends in the neighborhood. It never gets old!

Happy weekend everyone! We're off to a bbq in a little...


Shanna said...

okay Staci....

Time for a mother's confession! My little Cassie still wets the bed at night so she sleeps in a pull-up too. Every now and again we give her a chance to not pee the bed and just wake her up several times. Occasionally it happens and the bed gets wet but I guess I'm the "father" in this scenario cause I am the "grab-the-towel" and layer it until morning parent too! ROFL

LOVE LOVE LOVE that layout of your little guy! Such a fun boy page!

Davinie said...

Love the row of trees on that layout!

I admit to doing the towel thing once or twice myself. In my defense, my sweet girl wet the bed more than one time that night, and we had 1. run out of spare sheets to change it, and 2. I was too tired to figure out anything else, lol.

At least he wanted to put on the undies for bed. That's a good sign that he's ready!

Leslie Ashe said...

I LOVE your layout Staci!!! Just gorgeous!!!!!! What a cute little man you've got!

Your hubby sounds like MINE when my kiddo's were potty training, LOL!!

Have a happy weekend!
Leslie Ashe

Nancyroo said...

men are clueless, LOL. Love the LO.

Karla Smith said...

Love the LO Staci.
I can remember my DH throwing Towels down. Must be Guy Thing! LOL!

Hope said...

My hubby has done the exact same thing. Too funny!

I love your layout! The colors are great!

TheShermanFam said...

Yep...My DH has done the towel also! Makes me think of "Big Daddy" when he puts newspaper down on the bed and the kid is just rolling around on it, making all this noise...LOL!!
Your LO is CA-UTE! I'm dying to get my hands on some of this new CB...I LOVE the little trees!

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun at the chat last night. SOOOO cool!

That layout is to die for Staci! I love it!

Michelle @ AMM

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor little guy. I thank God that we have been lucky in that department:/

I LOVE your LO with the Chatterbox!! I've been looking at those embellies, but wasn't quite sure. Guess I'll take the plunge:)

Diana said...


It is about time you did a layout of my little guy, but it was well worth waiting for. First of all, as you know, those pictures are some of my favorites of Noah and I LOVED the way you incorporated the trees into the design, it is SO BOYISH and SO NOAH!


Renee Lamb said...

LOL - your hubby sounds like the norm - I am pretty anal retentive about that stuff but have to admit I've done the whole towel thing too until first thing in the morning!

your layout is absolutely wonderful! you do such beautiful work! love all the details :D

Amanda L. said...

Love all the little trees on your layout!

Pearl said...

Love this layout with the new Chatterbox embellies ! & those glittered outdoor words ! just fab the details & mix of MFs !

& You've been tagged Staci ! lol
If you're up to it , the details are over on my blog !