Monday, June 30, 2008

I now believe in fortune cookies!!

So, we very rarely get Chinese food (even though I love it!!) because Tony is not a huge fan. Well, we got it a few days ago, and this was my fortune:

I immediately thought of the Last Scrapper Standing contest and asked Tony if he thought it was a sign :-) Well, guess who found out today that she was one of the newest members of Create My Keepsake's Design Team? Did you figure it out yet, lol? I am so honored and thrilled beyond words right now! Unfortunately, however, two of the current designers left to move on to other things - Raechelle Bellus and Kate O' Brien (they both will be very missed!), and Danielle Flanders will now focus soley on CMK's card kit, so i'm glad she'll still be around! So, that means that besides me, CMK also added Emily Anderson and Shanna Vineyard to the team. Whoo! Did I mention how excited I am to be working amongst CMK's amazing talent? Thanks again to Lisa at CMK for making my fortune cookie come true, hehea!
Now, onto our weekend - it was fabulous! Tony worked on Saturday, so my mom came up to join me and the kids at a birthday celebration for our neighborhood... it turned 40! They had music and free food, and the kids had a blast! Chloe is such a music lover, it's the cutest thing. Every time the band would stop playing for a break, she would start frantically signing (and saying) more. Noah had a blast with one of the beach balls that was being thrown around - that kept him occupied for awhile. They also had free bubbles and 3-D chalk for the kids. And, bad me, I forgot my camera! Luckily, the press was all over the place, and Chloe is supposed to be in our local town paper and Noah is supposed to be in the Baltimore Sun. We'll see if they actually make it in!
On Sunday, we took the kids to the pool for the first time this summer. In our town, we can go to any of the n'hood pools - there are a ton of them. Some have "beach" entries, splash parks, water slides, etc. So, we went to one of the brand new splash parks. It was so much fun! Chloe loved all the ground and overhead water sprayers in the splash park, and Tony and Noah loved the heated pool. We'll definitely be going back to that one. Would you believe I forgot my camera again?? What kind of scrapper am I??
Today we had a playdate at a park - I was intent on keeping myself busy while the judges were deciding on the Last Scrapper Standing, lol. It was another fun day! So, although I don't have pics of our fun weekend events, I did snap some cute ones of the kids being all lovey in Noah's bed over the weekend:

I'm sure this shot will bring back memories for my mom, as I heard I always used to pull my brother's hair, lol!

And, finally, look at what my 18 month old decided she wanted to do the other night?? She has been fascinated with the potty lately when she sees Noah going, and she kept pointing to it. So, I pulled out Noah's old potty seat. She's so little that I doubt she's ready to train, but I think it's cool that she's showing interest. Noah was about the same age when he started casually sitting on the potty.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Diana said...

You know how proud I am that you won "Last Scrapper Standing", and call it mother's intuition, I knew you were going to WIN and I even told you so.

I LOVED the pictures of the kids, but NO WAY am I ready for Chloe to be potty trained, so please take away the potty seat, she is too young or maybe I can't stand the idea of knowing my "baby" is getting bigger. Knowing she will most likely be my last "baby" I want to keep her a baby as long as possible and I am guessing mommy does as well.


Danielle said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! That is so awesome, you have to love that fortune!!! :)

Lucy Edson said...

Wow!! Congrats, Staci!! I am sure you will so enjoy your DT spot!! They are lucky to have you!

Amazing fortune! LOL

You take such great pictures of your kids! :)

emily said...

congrats to you too staci!
soooooo excited over here :)

Shanna said...

YAY STACI!!! What a fun day girl! I'm soooo excited to be working with you too! CONGRATS!!!

Pearl said...

Wahoo wowzers , Staci !!!!!!! what a thrill this must be for you ! lol

It's just fantastic ! Although I have to say it's a rather hard way to get in this way ! LOL !

How fun that 3 peeps got in the end ! Most deserving indeed all 3 of you !

I find the gallery at CMK most inspiring these days amongst the online galleries - more so than even twopeas which I used to love - here's looking at you more at CMK !

doris said...

super congratulations! that's awesome news! :D

cutie kiddos. :D

one of my nephews was trained at 9 mos and never went back. no kidding. well, really his mom was trained, but still. the family was all impressed. wasn't mine that did it though. he wasn't interested at all. actually did a layout about it this weekend. :D

Julie O. said...

HUGE Congrats to you! What a well deserve win! I'm very excited for you and can't wait to see what lays ahead!

Jen said...

Staci!!!! Yay! I'm so happy to hear about CMK! Congrats my friend, you deserve it!!

I love the photos, they are soooo cute. I didn't realize you had an 18 month old. My little guy is 17 months. :)

Nicole said...

Congrats on making CMK's DT. Your projects were wonderful. I think you need to scrap that fortune!

TheShermanFam said...

Yep...I agree...You should scrap the fortune! HA!
Congrats on making the DT! Excited to see more of your work and ideas!!
Your pics made me chuckle a little...I totally used to pull my big brother's hair! LOL!

Raechelle said...

Congratulations for making the CMK teams Staci!!! You are going to love it! Great fortune there. ;)

Meg Giroux said...

yipppeeeee!!!!!! Staci, I am so happy for you!!!! This is awesome news Congrats girl!!!

I owe you an apology...I never was able to do the tag that you sent me, my grandma has been doing very poorly and I have been running back and forth to the nursing home and then I had to have my last challenge in for the Coconut scrapshop challenge I was doing to be a guest DT for the month. It has been extremely crazy here and I am truly sorry.....

Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO!!!!!! COngrats pretty lady!! I'm so happy for you! :) I can't wait to work with you! ;)

WHAT darling pics of your sweet ones!!!!


sally aka cellomom said...

cute cute cute pics!! Congrats on your "promotion"!!

Juliana said...

Congrats Staci! So excited to have you join us!!!

Renee Lamb said...

BIG BIG congrats on the LSS! So glad to see you on the team!! Now you'll have to do a layout about that fortune cookie you know? Make up for all the pics you DIDN'T take of the block party and waterpark! LOL - but it sounds like y'all had a fun weekend and love the shots of the kids. such cuties you have :D