Monday, June 9, 2008

It's hoooooooot!

It's over 100 degrees here! I expected that when Tony and I lived in Tucson, but mid-June in Maryland? Not so much! Needless to say, we haven't gotten to play outside in a couple of days since not only is it hot, but the air quality is poor. The poor kids are jonesing for some sunshine! Before the heat set in, we did get to have our first cookout on our brand new deck with our brand new grill :-) The kids even have their own little picnic table. So, since I don't have any new layouts to share (I have been busy, I promise, but I can't show you my Luxe DT work yet!), I figured i'd overload you with pictures!

First cookout of the season:

The kids having fun at my nephew's birthday party this weekend:

Tony had to work yesterday, and the kids and I had no plans for the first time in a long time! So, we took advantage of our relaxed schedule and deemed it a movie/hang-out day. The kids had fun lounging on their bean bags with their individual bowls of veggie booty (I told them it was the next best thing to popcorn, lol, since Chloe is too young for it still):
After movie time, the kids wanted to play in Noah's bed. They were so snuggly with each other, it was melting my heart! Noah even said to me, "Mommy, we are so cute. You need to go get your camera." Hhehea, can you tell he is a scrapbooker's son?? I have to admit that I was a little nervous about them being fairly close in age (they are 26 months apart), but I love this age difference! Although they annoy each other at times (usually over toy sharing or lack of!), they are so close and have so much fun together. I hope it lasts!!

Lastly, in scrappy news, I have a link to share. I've seen this on a couple of different sites today, so it may be old news by now, but for those who haven't seen it, it's pretty cool! You can upload a photo and it will choose the best color palette for you to use with your cardstock, pp's etc.

Happy Monday everyone!


renee lamb said...

oh man, I hear ya on the heat Staci! I used to live in Phoenix and have lived in NC for 1 yr 2 months now going on my 2nd summer. It's been 100 here with 90%humidity. It's SUFFOCATING! At least in AZ when it got to 120 it was DRY and the ol' AC felt it gets so humid it just makes you feel sticky. :( - can I have fall back now? LOL
BTW - great pics of the cookout - one word - YUMMY - and the sweet little kiddos are just adorable! beautiful fam girl!

Diana said...

Loved all the new pictures of the kids, they are great!!

Anabelle said...

I'm in Delaware, so I'm feeling that heat!!!! Great shots of the kids. ;) They are so cute.

Norma Kennedy said...

Looks like u guys had a fab barbeuce. We are planning on buying a new grill this coming week. Gotta tell u that last pic of u kids was toooo CUTE !!!!
Oh by the way Im dyeing to see ur work for LUXE cuz I know its all going to be fantastic !!!!!!

Lucy Edson said...

Sounds like the heat in Florida! Looks like a fun cook out!

That is a cool site- I haven't seen it before!