Monday, July 13, 2009


It was a busy busy weekend, and i'm definitely recovering today! We had lots of fun, though! On Friday, I kicked off the weekend by getting a much needed haircut. My hair had gotten so much longer then I normally like it, so i'm much happier with it now :-)

This is Chloe and me at our friends' birthday party we were at on Saturday. It was at an inflatable place, and the kids had a blast!
Later that same day, we went to a 40th birthday party for a friend and neighbor.
This one cracks me up. Noah was running around like crazy, and he was sweaty and tired. This was the best smile he could muster up for me, lol.
This one cracks me up, too, hehhea. Don't you love us girls trying to be cute? That's next door Lisa next to me, Heather is below her, and next to Heather is another friend. Heather is the one who I met when she found me on 2Peas after seeing my LO in Memory Makers about our n'hood. I'm so glad she found me :-)
Yesterday we had yet another birthday party, and then we hung out outside for much of the afternoon and grilled out last night - a perfect day!

I'll leave you guys with another layout using this month's kit at Create My Keepsake. I really love all the fun colors in this kit!

I was very excited to find out that a layout I made using last month's CMK kit got picked up by Scrapbook Trends for their December issue. I'm especially excited because it's the layout about Noah's photographs - he was SO excited when I told him that he's going to be a published photographer ;-)

Hope that you all also had fun weekends and that you are able to find some time to relax this week!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Uhhhh, after all that activity, I would be recovering in a hospital! LOL! Of course, I'm older than dirt and can't hang like I once did! LOL! Sounds like you had such a fun weekend. I love all the pics. And your haircut is adorable!

Love your awesome LO! I do have a question. I kept checking in with CMK for the new kit but I never found the new one. Of course, I looked up until the 5th (I think). Did this one become available later due to the holiday? Or am I wrong in thinking the kits are available on the 1st. Oh, and WAY TOO COOL about your LO and Noah's photos!!!!

meganklauer said...

Great layout and love the fact that your little guys pics are gonna be published! So fantastic! Congrats!

Lucy Edson said...

Love your haircut, Staci - so cute and it really frames your pretty face. :)

Congrats to you and Noah for the SB Trends toot!! Yay!!

Great summery colors in the CMK kit this month! That layout just shines!

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

scrappermimi said...

What a busy few day! I love your pictures but the one of you and your daughter is just too sweet!

Gorgeous LO and congrats on the pub!

Trisha said...

Congrats on the SB layout. I need to start submitting again.
Adorable haircut!

sarah said...

love the hair!!

looks like all of you had a fun weekend! :) that's always good, right?!

...and that layout... love all of those cut outs! and the colors are so bright and cheery!

have a great day,

Jocelyn said...

Love the pics and you have been busy!!!!! Love your hair~~!!! The LO is just Perfect!!!!! I just adore your Blog and love kreping up with your daily life!!!! Chloe and Noah are just adorable!!!

Wendy Kwok said...

Congrats on the PUB! This LO is amazing. Love the vibrant colours and design

Heather Swan said...

We are too cute for sure!!!!! It was great hanging out with everyone again!

Congrats to Noah for being a published photographer - he'll need a blog next. :)

Stacey Michaud said...

congrats on the pub, girlie! You so deserve it! Glad you are enjoying the summer--the days are long but quite awesome! Love this layout--beautiful layering!

Linda Beeson said...

Your little mixture of products is just so cute on that layout!

TatumW said...

love love ur lo chicky! i cannt believe how much your kids have grown over the last year, esp how chloe has gone from being a baby to totally a little girl! gotta love having great friends so nearby! sounds like you are super busy. tatum xx

Marci Knecht said...

You have such a beautiful fam - your kids are hams just like mine ;)

denine zielinski said...

Congrats on the pub, girlie! And that page is the fun!

Peggy said...

Love the haircut, you look great!!! I also love the pics of you and your girlfriends .. really cute!
Beautiful LO too!
xxx Peggy

Amy said...

I love all your photos!!! It looks like you all had a wonderful fun time!!!
Congats on your pub in Scrapbook Tends!! I will also be in that issue!!

oh and your hair looks super cute

doris said...

congrats noah!!!

awesome layout! love the layering!

ellen s. said...

oh that is so cute for noah!!! love that and congrats for you too. i love seeing your photos. luv the one of you and the girls...too funny. miss you at FP and all your awesome inspo.

Pearl said...

oh my ! what a cute bunch of girlies there ! lol

congrats on the pub too ! Well deserved I'm sure !